quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Second Day 5º Orijúnior

 I did a big mistake to my second control, I was looking for it very early but the others were ok! I was quite slow but right... :)

 I forgot to start the timer of my garmir on the second course, that´s why it´s a bit strange... I did a lot of mistakes, but the biggest one was the last, I almost get out of the map. It happened because I thougt like " wow this is my last control, I just have to run a bit more and I finish" but I didn´t pay attention and I started runing in the wrong direction!

This was a train where we had to chose a option and our partner another one to see which was the best.
She was faster than me to the 4 and 6 controls.

This was another course we´ve done at night! I get completely lost to my first control and I get very scared... I didn´t know where I was! For my luck some friends appeared and helped me... They were really nice to me and I just didn´t give up because of them, I finished the course with those guys.

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