quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

5º Orijúnior

Hello! :)
From now on I´ll post here, in my blog, all of my trainings and races in order to analyze them as I have been doing but without any forgetfulness!
So, this is what I have done in a training camp in Marinha Grande from 19 to 22 of December…
First Day :

This was our first train. I got a bit confused on the first control and I went staright to control 11, but after that I slowed down and the other controls were ok. I just lost some time for number 15 because I didn´t see the control the first time I passed near it.

This one was really cool! I had do punch 18 of those controls and I did it well but it was so confused that I was always counting the number of controls I had already punched while I was running. But even though I was counting when I finished I count them again but I did it in a wrong way, so I ran to do another control, number 41, and when I finished for the second time I realised I had done not 18 but 19 contols...  :p

This was at night! I started a bit scared but after the second control I took a beep breath and I did the rest of the train not thinking abou the darkness but having a lot of fun... It was aweasome when I started understanding everything that I was doing on that forest! :D

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