quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Dear Orienteering

Dear Orienteering,

I just want to tell you that I love you… I really do!
You make me wake up early like nobody does; You make me study harder because I know that after it I will have more time to be with you…
Sometimes you hurt me but I love to have some of your scratches on my body, it makes me feel stronger and better...
I don´t mind being all dirty and wet when I´m with you, I actually find it funny! I also like when you are difficult because I have to use my brain more carefully…
You make me have high goals and you also make me believe I can achieve them!!

When I don´t see you for a long time I start being depressed, bored and sad cause you are like a drug for me!I think about you every single day and I just couldn´t live without you…
Thank you to make my life happier and better!

4 comentários:

  1. Parabéns! Excelente "carta", com a qual me identifico. Continua sempre com essa vontade:) Tudo de bom para 2012 e muitos sucessos.


  2. Muito obrigada Alexandra! :)
    Desejo também um excelente 2012 com muita alegria! :D

  3. You are always writing in english so i´m going to do the same. :)
    I want to tell you that I wish to you the best things and I want to have a champion in orienteering :) You know that I like you so much and whenever you need me, I'm here. Happy new year my love..
    Kisses Inês Alves <3